Notifications inform users about the status of user or system initiated operations. They can have different actions depending on the message.

There are four types of notifications:

What notification to use

Consider two factors when deciding which notification type to use.

User action

Are the users required to address the notification before they can proceed with current tasks?

  • Required immediately
  • Required, but not immediately
  • Not required

Context of trigger

What initiated the notification? Does the initiation point to a particular context or location?

  • File tab
  • Tool windows
  • Other

Use the following table to determine which notification to use based on the two factors:

User action Context Type Examples
Required immediately All Alerts Confirm Restart

Opening projects in new window

When trying to rename a method, but a conflict is found

Need a dependency before using a feature
Required, but not immediately File tabs

Tool windows
Banners Configuring SDK for your project

Requiring a Gradle sync for tools to work properly
Not required Tool windows Tool Window balloons Status of task completion

When Find Usages is invoked on a method, use a tool window balloon to show the feedback since the results will be found in the Find tool window
All but file tabs or tool windows Sticky balloons IDE and Plugin Updates
Timed balloons Module imported

Framework detection

Exception: If the action is highly recommended, consider using Banners across all files for visibility instead of Sticky balloon.