Use for:

  • Actions in buttons, menus and tooltips
  • Headers in tables, popups, message boxes and dialogs
  • Headers of UI control groups

Do not use for:

  • Actions in links
  • Actions in the popup on Alt+Enter: quick-fixes, intention actions and others
  • Headers in notifications


Always capitalize the first and the last words.

Capitalize the words in-between except:

  • articles: a, an, the,
  • coordinating conjunctions: and, or, but,
  • prepositions of four and less letters which are not a part of a phrasal verb: in, with.

In hyphenated phrases, capitalize all nouns, adjectives and adverbs: Auto-Indent, Command-Line Launcher. Do not capitalize articles, prepositions and conjunctions: Side-by-Side, Drag-and-Drop.


Compare With… — the short preposition with is capitalized as the last word.

Compare with Latest Repository Versionwith is not capitalized when in the middle.

Check Out from Version Controlout is a part of the phrasal verb check out and is capitalized.


Use for:

  • Labels of UI controls: text boxes, checkboxes, radio buttons, combo boxes, etc.
  • Items in combo boxes, lists, trees and tables
  • Links
  • Actions in the popup on Alt+Enter
  • Header and body text in notifications
  • Body text in error messages, tooltips, status descriptions and any kind of instructions


Capitalize the first word in a sentence, proper nouns and adjectives, and abbreviations.


Control+Shift+F — keyboard button names are considered proper nouns.

Accept the terms of the License Agreement — License Agreement is a proper noun.

Side-by-side layout — only the first word of a hyphenated phase is capitalized.