IDE font

The system fonts are used for the IDE user interface by default. The default font sizes are below:

macOS SF Pro Text 13
Window Segoe UI 12
Linux Ubuntu 15

Users can change the default font size in Settings. If the default font size is changed, other font sizes used in the UI are scaled respectively.

Use the built-in text styles from the table below whenever possible.

Name Font size Usage   Examples
H0 bold Default + 12 Rich text headers. See the "What’s New" page example below.
H1 bold Default + 9
H2 Default + 5
H2 bold Small page header. Examples: Plugin name, GitHub timeline header
H3 Default + 3 Accent body text
H3 bold Headers in dialogs with a small number of elements (Customize page on Welcome screen, Login page in Get from VCS dialog)
H4 bold
(Default bold)
Default Header in dialogs with a large number of elements (Run configurations dialog), notification header, breadcrumbs in settings, header in navigation popup, accent elements in lists and trees.

Use Group header to divide the page on groups, but not to draw too much attention to the headings.
Default Default Labels, inputs, links, trees, tables and other controls; text outputs, notifications, shortcuts
Paragraph Default
Line height default + 3
Multiline description text
Medium macOS: Default - 1
Win: Default
Linux: Default - 1
Tool window header, navigation bar, editor breadcrumbs, editor tabs (small on macOS)
Medium bold Module in the navigation bar
Small macOS: Default - 2
Win: Default
Linux: Default - 2
Status bar, tool window buttons, inline help, help text in tooltips, separators in lists

If none of the built-in sizes work and a custom one is needed, define it as the default size +/- constant value. Do not hardcode font sizes.

Use the underlined text style for hovered links.

Editor font

JetBrains Mono font is used by default for the Editor.

Name Font size Usage
Default Default Editor
Small Default - 1 Line number


The IDE text colors are in the table below. The editor text colors are managed by the editor color theme.

Name Light Dark Usage Color key
Default 000 BBB Labels, inputs,
trees, etc.
.foreground keys for various UI controls. Examples: Label.foreground
Info panel 808080 8C8C8C Inline help, shortcuts Label.infoForeground
Info input 999999 787878 Additional info in lists (paths, counters), placeholder Component.infoForeground
Disabled 8C8C8C 777777 Disabled labels, disabled links .disabledForeground and .disabledText keys for various UI controls. Examples: Label.disabledForeground
Selected FFF FFF Selected text .selectionForeground keys for various UI controls. Examples: MenuItem.selectionForeground Table.selectionForeground
Link 2470B3 589DF6 Links Use the component LinkLabel

Color keys:
Error C7222D FF5261 Inline errors text Label.errorForeground


What’s New page that appears in the Editor tab:

Plugin page in the Settings dialog:

Log in to GitHub page in the dialog: